While creating and building Shale Oak we kept a keen eye on sustainability in every facet, striving to make the smallest impact possible on our surrounding environment. Mesa Vineyard Management and Jeffery Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture both helped us achieve some of our goals.

Mesa Vineyard Management
Founded over 20 years ago, Mesa Vineyard Management is not only a leader in developing Paso Robles’ reputation for growing quality winegrapes, but they are on the forefront of promoting sustainable farming practices. A founding member of the Central Coast Vineyard Team, the organization played an integral role in the creation of the SIPTM Certified Sustainable program. Knowing he would be a natural fit for owner Al Good’s project, it was the folks at Mesa that introduced Al to winemaker Kevin Riley. Mesa worked with the entire team to integrate the vineyard with all systems, and is responsible for farming both of Shale Oak’s vineyards.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture
Brought to the Shale Oak project by Studio2G, Jeffrey Gordon Smith runs a think tank type creative firm. Based on the concept of “Regionalism” which considers all surrounding influences when developing a plan, they literally designed Shale Oak’s landscape from the ground up. Using native plants and a complete native palatte, the finished design celebrates the natural aspects of the winery and plays on all four seasons, highlighting qualities in each. A few of the sustainable design features are a native bioswale, native wild flower and grass meadow, and an aqueduct-like water feature that uses recycled water in respectful proportion. The latter was included to not only be aesthetically enjoyed, but to actually demonstrate the elutriate water system.